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    and the blue roof like the sky is not blue. We are
    much too big for this room we are not in.
    — Emily Pettit, “Evacuation Procedures are Never Clear Enough”
    (Goat In the Snow, Birds, LLC, 2012)
  3. The sky is a fish packed in ice.
    — Fanny Howe, “This Eye”
    (Come and See, Greywolf Press, 2011)
  4. Around 1960, a young psychologist names Sarnoff Mednick thought he had identified the essence of creativity. His idea was as simple as it was powerful: creativity is associative memory that works exceptionally well. He made up a test, called the Remove Association Test, which is still often used in studies of creativity.

    For an easy example, consider the following three words:

           cottage         Swiss         cake

    Can you think of a word that is associated with all three? You probably worked out that the answer is cheese. Now try this:

            dive         light         rocket

    This problem is much harder, but it has a unique correct answer, which every speaker of the English language recognizes, altough less than 20% of a sample of students found it within 15 seconds. The answer is sky.
    — Daniel Kahneman
    (Thinking, Fast and Slow
    , Doubleday Canada, 2011)
  5. The sky grew plum and gray and rippled like a window curtain. As I made the picture, the scene in my head took over and the cliff turned up flat on me, so the plum-gray sky was standing sentry over to the right….
    — Daniel Woodrell, “Black Step”
    (The Outlaw Album, Little, Brown and Company, 2011)
  6. Eos had just shaken off the wing of carefree sleep and opened the gates of sunrise, leaving the lightbringing couch of Kephalos.
    — Nonnus
    27. 1f, in Rouse’s translation, 1940)
  7. Outside the Hotel Cassiopeia, the moon scribbles white on a dark, moving surface.
    — Srikanth Reddy, “Chariot With Torn Bodice”
    (Facts For Visitors, University of California Press, 2004)
  8. the stars are a pale pox on the sky’s dark chicken
    — Gary Barwin
    (the stars are a pale pox on the sky’s dark chicken, serif of nottingham, 1991)
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    — David Berman, “Oklahoma + The Sky Over Oklahoma”(The Portable February, Drag City, 2009)

    — David Berman, “Oklahoma + The Sky Over Oklahoma”
    (The Portable February, Drag City, 2009)

  10. That was some morning: clouds scattered
    like wisdom teeth in a silvery bowl, the sky
    a honeydew with a spoonful missing.
    — Leigh Nash, “A Suit of Light”
    (Goodbye, Ukulele, Mansfield Press, 2010)